Our Services are Dedicated
to your Success.

Build Community

We know that the innovators & entrepreneurs in Prince George’s County helps bring prosperity and a progressive spirit.

We aim to enhance the sense of place and belonging that adds to the overall quality of life in the County.

Create Opportunities for the New Majority

New Majority Definition - Historically overlooked and underserved communities represented by women and people of color.

We know the world we live in does not work for all and increasing does not work well for most.

We aim to develop a more diverse population of entrepreneurs that creates more variety in business ventures that foster economic and community development.

Support the Local Innovation and Entrepreneur Ecosystem

We are champions of entrepreneurs’ growth efforts and we operate with the understanding that entrepreneurs bring fresh ideas, and usually look to launch multiple ventures. 

We offer physical and virtual places to meet and exchange ideas with like-minded people.

We aim to unite and support all of the organizations and actors in the local ecosystem

Inspire Regional Impact and Innovation

We create more on-ramps, access and opportunities for wealth creation.

Entrepreneurs are at the frontlines in the battle to preserve and restore our local and regional economy.

We inspire and create more hope and excitement. 

We are dedicated to the growth of innovation & entrepreneurship to enhance Prince George’s County’s growth and identity.