New Media Lab Pilot


The INNOHUB@PGCC and Prince George’s Suite Magazine and Media (PGS) are engaging in a partnership to co-design the future of local media in Prince George’s County.

our Approach

  • The partnership will help PGS pivot, sustain, and scale its business model and the INNOHUB@PGCC to offer a new service. 
  • The Media Lab will provide experiential learning experiences, entrepreneurship opportunities, and become the new model for local news media in Prince George’s County.
  • The Medial Lab will provide opportunities for students and freelancers to enhance their professional media and journalism skills in a low-risk real world environment. In addition to traditional education activities, they will be paid to create, edit, and publish content (photo, video, narrative, and graphics).

our Results

  • Conducted Media Lab pilot survey 
  • Conducted a design thinking session  with PGS to review the survey data, succinctly define relevant problem statements, and ideate on solutions to address both PGS current operations and the model for them to lead the operation of the Media Lab Pilot.