Extended Reality Technology Commercialization Lab Pilot


Inncuvate + INNOHUB@PGCC is partnering with the Mixed/Augmented/Virtual Reality Innovation Center (MAVRIC) at the University of Maryland College Park, to pilot an Extended Reality (XR) Technology Commercialization Lab to diversify and grow the local tech economy by helping minority business owners pivot and/or create new ventures based on XR technologies.

our Approach

  • The INNOHUB@PGCC was funded by TEDCO to pilot a new lab to identify, vet, mentor underrepresented entrepreneurs/business owners and connect them with a growing XR community cultivated by MAVRIC. 
  • The pilot will start with targeted outreach to stimulate the participation of underrepresented groups in the growth of XR technology sector in Maryland. 
  • Companies will use the technology scouting, design thinking, and customer discovery processes to explore commercializing XR technologies.
  • Companies will receive awards to assist them in taking the next steps with technology commercialization (i.e., licensing, prototyping, more customer research).

our Results

  • Prince George’s County based MBEs are paired with XR Intellectual Property (IP) inventors, researchers, subject matter experts, and students to explore customer demand and how they can use XR technology to enhance their current offerings or create new offerings. 
  • The increased creation of product based XR companies that attract investment to grow in the local ecosystem. These product-based companies have high potential for exponential growth and transformative local economic development impacts.
  • Expose underrepresented entrepreneurs and business owners to technology commercialization opportunities with the goal of high growth venture and job creation.