Community College Growth Engine Fund


The INNOHUB@PGCC was selected by Education Design Lab to lead Prince Georges’ Community College’s participation in the first national cohort of the Community College Growth Engine Fund (CCGEF) which is a catalytic investment in community colleges to demonstrate their position as drivers of innovation between education and employment.

our Approach

  • The Fund is a direct response to the urgency to drive the learnings for how community colleges shorten the horizon to skills-based employment while putting learners on a path toward degree attainment. This urgency is underscored by the current COVID-19 crisis, and the massive unemployment this has generated, which has forced higher ed institutions to quickly adapt and to clarify their value proposition.
  • The INNOHUB@PGCC works collaboratively with the Education Design Lab team to develop micro-pathways, engage local employers, high schools, and other key stakeholders  to create robust dual enrollment programs

our Results

  • The INNOHUB@PGCC will create a program to enroll at least 600 learners across 3 new micro-pathway offerings over 2 years.
  • The INNOHUB@PGCC will document and monitor the required outcomes for the micro-pathways and assess their effectiveness in connecting learners to median-wage or higher occupations and pathways to degree attainment.